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Kevin Mallory of M3 Solutions is a Project 
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Ben has over 14 years of experience in real estate sales in the Torrance area.  He's taken the time to offer a 2017 seller guide with proven tips to help you sell for more.


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We're passionate about helping others supplement or even earning a full-time income in the comfort of their own home.


If your interested in learning more - save yourself a ton of time and frustration because we've been digging around the "World Wide Web" since 1994. Rremember when they called it that and the modem screaming at you? Well, maybe not if you were born after 1985!

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John Doe

Manager at Walmart

"He's awesome. Really, really, really, really, awesome. Smart.  and awesome. He really know his real estate stuff.

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John Smith

Quality Assurance Manager

"Many clients think he's great looking  You can just ask him. He'll tell you that's what they all say about him"


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James Bond


"Awesome, funny, and very good-looking? All true. He also knows how to get great reviews. with cash"


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